Evangelical Theological Foundation

The Foundation is committed to promote evangelical theology in Hungary, to support its growth and development, to form theology and humanities in Hungarian public life and to improve its social impact. The Foundation is open, natural persons and legal entities may join.

The Foundation’s goal is to make its achivements generally known with the public charity activities below:

  • support of the protestant and primerily baptist theological education
  • fostering scholarships and the nurturing of talents among students and post–graduates in theology,
  • financial aid of protestant, social science graduates – primerily sociologists, social workers, social politicians, philosophers, psychologists – and linguists graduates – primerily classical philologists and hebraists – by granting scholarships
  • support the academic work of theological scholars
  • supporting new forms of education, faculties, the preparation of curriculums and study-aids
  • supporting the publication and distribution of vocational issues such as books, journals, conference materials
  • create opportunities for the cooperation between theological institutions and faculties and to make contacts
  • organization of conferences, courses and trainings
  • to advance Bachelor, Master and post-graduate students’ competence by the acquisition of foreign language books and vocational journals
  • to extend students’ and scholars’ international relationship, financing conference trips
  • facilitating the equality of chances in education for underprivileged students
  • making an informational database.

For the achivement of its goals the Foundation co-operates with existing or yet to be founded state-run, social and christian institutions, the core values and activities of which are in full agreement with those of the Evangelical Theological Foundation.

The Founder establishes a 3-member Board of Trustees that represents the Foundation, manages its assets and is responsible for the decision-making.

President of the Board of Trustees: Jozsef SERAFIN

The Members of the Board of Trustees appointed by the Founder for an indefinite period are:

a) Levente LORIK,


The Board of Trustees

  • with full awarness of the assets, determines in what priority the stated charitable projects are realised and manages the operating funds so the budget is not exceeded
  • ensures that operational decisions are carried out
  • is accountable for the operation in accordance with current bylaws
  • prepares the Annual Report on the activities of the Foundation and a Charity Report on the utilization of the assets
  • resolves the approval of the Annual Report and Charity Report

The representative of the Foundation is Jozsef Serafin, if prevented, the right of representation may be delegated to any member of the Board of Trustees.

The Board of Trustees is obliged to operate in a way that the core values and purposes, stated in the Deed of Foundation, be reflected in the operation process. The Board of Trustees is also obliged to provide for the necessary means.

The Founder hereby entitles the Board of Trustees to dispose over and utilise the assests and the income deriving from the activities of the Foundation, for the purpose of the achievement of public charity activities.

Members of the Board of Trustees do not receive income for their work in the Board, however, expenses arising from the charity activities may be reimbursed within the budget of the Foundation.

The main information on the operation, on the method of receiving assistance from the Foundation and on the Charity Report shall be published in periodical issues and on the website of the Foundation.

Operation of the Foundation in the period of 2009-2010:

Supporting researches, trainings and international outlook, in year 2009, research scholarship and participation in a scientific conference (ICETE conference – International Council for Evangelical Theological Education – Sopron ) were offered to the applicants.

Personal reports of the conference:

a)„ we have learned and got a lot that we can make a good use of in our personal ministries”

b)„ It was wonderful to see that christian theologians from all over the world come together to fight for the same cause and get very far together”

In August, 2010 one student was given the opportunity to participate in the IFES conference in Schloss Mittersill, Austria.

Our aim is to further help applicants to participate in conferences of high standard both in Hungary and abroad, and we plan to start a series of lectures as well inviting acknowledged Hungarian and foreign lecturers.


Our e-mail: evangelikal.teologia@gmail.com

Account number: 10918001-00000056-88040007 UniCredit Bank

Please consider making a donation to enable this work to continue!